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Monday, March 28, 2011

Japan – Exploded Nuclear Plant Uses MOX Fuel – Not Uranium! What is that? Just 2 MILLION Times WORSE than Uranium or Chernobyl’s Meltdown!

Update 4/16/11 – Fuel Rods melted in Reactors 1, 2 and 3 (Mox Fuel) and Plutonium now  being detected outside reactor area3/28/11 – Mox Fuel Reactor 3 the Crane has fallen and damaged the Mox Fuel Rods – the Expert says there is NO deny that the Mox Fuel is leaking Radiation!  Video of him saying it!  

This is so sickening and yet NO government is talking about this the UN Nuclear Committee is not talking about this!  The Earth is being made toxic for 50000 years!  ALL nuclear energy plants should be SHUT DOWN!  It is not worth killing the people and Earth when there are other energy sources available!  Also all the brilliant governments have put nuclear power plants on Faults – there are 7 nuclear power plants along the New Madrid fault!  The Earth is now being destroyed due to corporate greed! 

3/28/11 – 2 Small Paragraphs say what is really happening without the authorities telling the truth!
Right here says Reactor 3 has melted down and is now in the soil! Will the govt and media now start talking about the MOX fuel meltdown and what the affect will be?  In other words 50000 years it will take for the land not to be toxic anymore.

URGENT: Plutonium detected in soil at Fukushima nuke plant: TEPCO

TOKYO, March 28, Kyodo

Plutonium has been detected in soil at five locations at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Monday.
The operator of the nuclear complex said that the plutonium is believed to have been discharged from nuclear fuel at the plant, which was damaged by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.



A high-level radiation leak detected Thursday at one of six troubled reactors at the crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant indicates possible damage to the reactor’s vessel, pipes or valves, the government’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said Friday.
Three workers at the No. 3 reactor’s turbine building, connected to the reactor building, were exposed Thursday to water containing radioactive materials 10,000 times the normal level, with two of them taken to hospital due to possible radiation burns to their feet, the plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.

3/21/11 – KYODO NEWSHEADLINE THIS MORNING:  (this is the MOX Fuel)

URGENT: Grayish smoke seen billowing from Fukushima No. 3 reactor building

TOKYO, March 21, Kyodo

Grayish smoke was seen billowing from a building that houses the No. 3 reactor of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station on Monday, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.
After the smoke was spotted at the southeast of the building around 3:55 p.m., TEPCO said it had temporarily evacuated its workers from the site as it assessed the situation.

That is radioactive particles of plutonium and uranium steaming out (MOX Fuel)

As of 3/16/11 9:20am estI am completely Disgusted with the Governments and MSM for NOT talking about Reactor 3 and MOX Fuel!  They cut people off who start to mention it!  This is unacceptable!  They are committing  a crime against Humanity!     By not informing people they are not just dealing with a Uranium Fallout but a Plutonium Fallout which Potassium Iodide Pills do no good against!    I am IMPLORING the Media and the Governments of the World to Start informing all people about MOX Fuel Reactor 3!  If the media does not start providing information about MOX fuel Reactor 3 which has been compromised then the many who die from not taking precautions for a plutonium/uranium mix fallout will be on their hands!  

3/19/11 – The media is starting to talk about the MOX fuel but they are not going deeply into the subject only mentioning it briefly and saying plutonium is in it.

3/19/11 – A site to bookmark and keep up with “All things Nuclear”  about Japan – Scientist – full reports and explanation of the plants and what is occurring and the amount of nuclear material in each reactor.  

3/18/11 – Japan has now asked the U.S. for Help at the Nuclear Power Plant.   

3/18/11 – I have a post up about a comparison of Chernobyl two days after explosion to Japan’s flyover yesterday.  

3/17/11 – 3:10pm est – CNN nuclear expert on right now.  MOX fuel was mentioned being in Reactor 3.  When the anchor asked him what would happen if the MOX fuel got out, he COMPLETELY AVOIDED ANSWERING THE QUESTION!  He began a description on how there are containment vessels and if the containment vessel stays in tact – no problems.  He NEVER Answered the question “What would happen if Reactor 3 completely melted down with MOX?”!   She let him get away with that too, instead of pressing him for an answer!

3/17/11 – It is claimed the U.S. government has seized all Potassium Iodide Pills from suppliers as the MSM is ridiculing people for purchasing them – full story is here. 


also click for this video and video of Commander of U.S. Military in Japan – Evacuating Bases there starting today.

Reactors 5 and 6 are now having problems.


3/16/11 4:54pm est NRC – Nuclear Regulatory Commission says there is no more water in Reactor 4 and now nothing to stop a full meltdown!  This is the reactor with all the spent rods in it from all the other reactors.  So this is like all the other reactors rolled into one!  Japan officials are denying NRC’s claim – but NRC is standing by their statement!  When this goes what will stop it from causing all the others to also go due to how big of a blast it will create.

From article:
In addition, plutonium is a particularly long-lived and toxic material. The half-life of plutonium-239 is 24,000 years, so if it escaped in smoke from a burning reactor and contaminated soil downwind, it would remain hazardous for tens of thousands of years.

 3/16/11 – 5:10pm est – CNN has said there is NO Water in Reactor 3 (MOX fuel) – So that one is in total meltdown also.  At least he did say it has Plutonium in it.

UPDATE 3/16/11 6:52pm est 77% of Fuel Rods in Reactor 1 damaged and 33% of Reactor 2 damaged both believed to have partially melted down now.

Developing – 3/16/11 – 12:pm est EU Energy Chief Says within hours a Catastrophic event will happen in Japan plus Russian Diplomats are being evacuated from Japan 
What do they know that we do not?
***Update 3/16/11 12:45pm est – EU Chief now backtracking saying “He meant it is his fear, something Catastrophic will happen within hours in Japan”***

UPDATE 3/16/11 – 5:47pm estUN Calls Emergency Meeting with 35 Members regarding Japan’s Nuclear Problem.


Click on pictures to view them larger
Reactor 3 and 4

Up close Reactor 4 – Shows Large hole in vessel


Added 3/15/11 – 9:46pm est –   Reactor 2 Officially Breached – Reactor 4 Official Breached http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nhk-world-tv
On right now 3/15/11 10:22pm est – Live News Conference about Reactors Workers of the Nuclear Plant have been evacuated (they say the workers are now back)

3/15/11 10:19 pm est – Reactor 3 is on Fire – that is the Mox Fuel Reactor!
Reactor 3 (Mox fuel) after explosion – Reactor 1 at bottom – Reactor 2 inbetween which is said to be in full melt down.  What happens if 2 explodes completely- containment vessel and all?  Will that rupture Reactor 1 and 3’s (Mox fuel) containment vessels? (edit – it seems it may have done just as I wondered, when the containment vessel of 2 blew)

 ADDED 3/15/11 10:45am est


ADDED 3/15/11 11:46am -Another Radiation Detection site
3/15/11 11:54am est Radiation is now being detected at U.S. Military Bases outside Tokyo – Military Personnel are being told to stay indoors with windows closed!  Another link Direct from Navy Command about radiation at U.S. Military Bases

ADDED 3/15/11 – Global Jet Stream from March 13th to 21st

– Video of EXPLOSION OF REACTOR 3 (Mox Fuel) that happened on 3/14/11 11am  Japanese time (Mox Fuel) * watch this video and the one at the bottom of this article of Reactor #1 exploding on Saturday – to me this explosion is much bigger and more powerful than the other and there was a large flash at the beginning!


Since Reactor 2s explosion on 3/15/11 6am Japan time radiation levels in Tokyo are 23 Times normalAir China has canceled all Flights to Japan.  Lufthansa has canceled all flights to Tokyo Japan

KLM has canceled all flights to Tokyo Japan 

UPS is not accepting packages to Japan 

3/17/11 US Diplomats and US citizens being evacuated from Japan 

3/15/11 – Reactor 4 containment vessel has been breached – it is damaged and leaking radioactive material!

Added 3/16/11 2:25pm est – Video about Chernobyl at 4 min mark on Most Important!  At 5:30 mark – says if second explosion had happened then Europe would have been made Uninhabitable!  Japan’s individual reactors are 100 x’s more powerful than Chernobyl that is not even taking into account Reactor 3 (MOX fuel)

Added 3/16/11 7:08 pm est – A Reader sent me this information.
“The Case Against MOX fuel being used in Japanese Nuclear Plants”
From article:

If there is an accident at Fukushima I-3

Exposure doses for residents resulting from a diffusion of radioactivity caused by a severe accident at Fukushima I-3 were calculated by applying the same method used in the disaster assessment in ‘WASH-1400’, an accident analysis report produced by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
The plan to burn MOX fuel in light water reactors is called the plu-thermal program in Japan. In the core of a pluthermal reactor, there are ten times more actinides such as plutonium, americium, and curium than the core of a uranium reactor. Actinides cause serious internal exposure in human bodies and thus pose a very serious threat to human health.
The main results from the calculations are shown in table 1. In short, exposure doses resulting from an accident at a pluthermal reactor would be twice those produced by an accident at a uranium reactor. A given exposure dose would be received by residents over twice the distance. The overall affected area would be four times larger. When fatalities by cancer from an accident at a pluthermal reactor is calculated with an assumption that Tokyo was downwind, the number of cancer fatalities would increase from 0.4 million in the case of an accident at a uranium reactor to 10.6 million (See table 2). In view of such risks, MOX utilization is simply too dangerous3/17/11 – NyTimes released an interactive map of where the Radiation Plume will go.

Original post commences about MOX fuel

I am so Astounded that the Japanese have as many Nuclear Power Plants that they have on the most seismic place in the world!  How they did not have 100 different back up plans is beyond me!  Why didn’t they have their generators 50 feet in the air in case of tsunamis?  I have thought of tons of questions regarding it all!

I am sadden by the tragedy in the first place, now the Man made tragedy is unfolding that is a million times worse than the natural tragedy!

We all know some of Japan’s nuclear power plants are in trouble and one exploded.

What is NOT Being released is the FUEL used in that plant!  I read about it and decided to research it!
I am SHOCKED at what I found!  This power plant meltdown can be 2 MILLION times Worse than Chernobyl!  This could make the whole country of Japan uninhabitable, besides being carried around the world!

This is truly Sickening!  In fact it really makes you wonder WHY they did not have 100 safety precautions in place!  How dare they use MOX in a nuclear power plant in a place that is known for the biggest quakes and tsunamis!  Besides Japan putting their plants right along side the ocean!

Read this whole post to understand the FULL ramifications of this Nuclear Plant Meltdown!  There is a Power Point Presentation the UN put together for MOX fuel I downloaded it – but there is not a link to go to for it.  I can’t insert power point presentations here either.

Here is what I have found:
FUKUSHIMA (Kyodo) Tokyo Electric Power Co. on Saturday loaded a nuclear reactor in Fukushima Prefecture with MOX, a controversial fuel made with reprocessed plutonium and uranium oxides, as it prepares to become the leading power utility’s first facility to go pluthermal.
Mixing it up: A MOX fuel rod on Saturday is loaded into a nuclear reactor in Fukushima Prefecture. KYODO PHOTO
The No. 3 reactor at Tepco’s Fukushima No. 1 plant will be the nation’s third pluthermal facility, but only the first to be refurbished since the plant was built 34 years ago.
Tokyo Electric plans to activate the reactor on Sept. 18 and let it start generating electricity on Sept. 23.  (2010)
***Recognize that plant name?   Yeah, it is the one that blew up****

about Mox use in nuclear plants

Green peace information about Mox going to Japan and their very strong concerns about it

A Tepco – Japanese professor about Mox/uranium

DOE – info on Mox and transportation of it

ADDED – 3/14/11 11:25am est Nuclear Regulatory Fact Sheet on MOX fuel.

and Oak Ridge Labs getting the fuel rods to study – due to abnormal growth in fuel assemblies with them.


Japan’s Mox Nuclear Plant Program

ADDED 3/15/11 – MOX Fuel is used at 2 other Japanese Nuclear Plants.
The joint study cites a number of safety precautions necessary in the fabrication of MOX fuel relative to uranium fuel. MOX fuel emits higher gamma radiation and much higher neutron radiation than uranium fuel. Therefore, a separate fresh fuel storage facility designed for MOX only fuel containers for on-site use, and transport equipment for fresh fuel may be necessary. Dust resulting from MOX fabrication is also a concern for worker safety because of the dangers of inhaling plutonium (see article on health effects of plutonium).MOX Spent Fuel
Plutonium is both used up and produced when MOX fuel is used in reactors. MOX spent fuel contains more plutonium than conventional spent fuel (that is, spent fuel resulting from loading an LWR with low enriched uranium fuel). Conventional spent fuel from LWRs typically contains about one percent plutonium when it is withdrawn from the reactor. The amount of residual plutonium in MOX spent fuel would depend on the initial plutonium loading (percent of plutonium in the fuel), the burn-up of the fuel, and the configuration in which the fuel is used.
For light water reactors using MOX fuel, the NAS calculates that residual plutonium in the spent fuel would range from 1.6 percent (for a 33% MOX core with 4% plutonium loading) to 4.9 percent (for a 100% MOX core with 6.8% plutonium loading). Ranges of 2.5 percent to 6.8 percent plutonium loading have been suggested. In the case of a CANDU reactor using a 100% MOX core, the percentage of plutonium in MOX spent fuel would be between 0.8 and 1.4 percent for MOX fuel containing 1.2 percent and 2.1 percent plutonium, respectively.12 

Repository disposal of MOX spent fuel is complicated not only by the higher plutonium content in MOX, but by the larger quantities of transuranic elements in the spent fuel as well. This results in MOX spent fuel being thermally hotter than conventional spent fuel. The presence of greater amounts of transuranic radionuclides like americium-241 also cause persistent higher spent fuel temperatures, and cause the decay of thermal power level to be slower. MOX spent fuel use may therefore require that a host of issues be revisited, such as design of transportation and disposal canisters, and design of on-site spent fuel storage casks. For instance, the higher temperatures may cause storage problems at reactors that have limited storage room in their spent fuel pools. The higher temperature may also result in a need for more repository space, unless a repository is designed to take hotter fuel and withstand higher temperatures. Greater repository space would result in proportionally higher repository disposal costs. In addition, if the amount of residual gallium in MOX spent fuel is too high, it may result in deterioration of the spent fuel cladding, create new issues in evaluating the suitability of a repository, and pose greater risk of groundwater contamination. There are some uncertainties as to the concentration of gallium that might adversely affect spent fuel integrity. The differences between spent MOX fuel and spent uranium fuel pose many complications for reprocessing as well.

excerts from this linked article – this is much more serious than a normal nuclear plant meltdown! 
#Danger of Losing Control of the Reactor Is Greater with MOX

Conventional LWRs are designed to decrease the reactivity when
the temperature rises. But when using Pu-239 as fuel, heating of
the core from an increase in reaction rate tends to increase the
reaction rate still further.  This is called the positive
temperature coefficient of reactivity, meaning there is a danger
of losing control of the reactor by accelerated chain reaction of

MOX spent fuel contains more fission products than uranium spent
fuel.  The important factor in managing spent fuel is the heat
generation caused by the highly radioactive fission products.
Since spent MOX fuel contains much more fission products, the
heat generation from MOX spent fuel is twice as high as that of
spent uranium fuel after 10 years and three times as high after
100 years.(14)
Plutonium does not exist in the natural environment, and is only produced in nuclear reactors.  It is known as one of the most toxic elements.  It emits high energy alpha radiation, and has
harmful biological effects.

Alpha radiation has a very short range but very intense
ionization power.  If exposed on the surface of the skin, the
skin works as a shield and will prevent its penetration into the
body, but all of its ionizing power will be focused on the small
spot, causing burns and killing the skin tissue.  If inhaled into the body, the alpha particle will go in through the respiratory tract, and enter the lung. Due to its long half-life, it will stay in the body permanently, emitting alpha radiation, and killing the surrounding tissues by strong ionization.  If plutonium is taken into the body in soluble form (e.g. plutonium nitrate) through food chain, it will enter the blood stream, and into the bones, liver and genital organs where it will be enriched. Alpha radiation leads to reactions in the cells of living things. It can cause damage to the nucleus and DNA of the cell, in effect causing genetic damage in descendants, particularly if germ cells are affected.(15) 
#Dangers of Resuspension in the Environment 

In the event of a contamination of the environment with
plutonium, the whirling up and inhalation of plutonium particles,
known as resuspension, plays an important role.  If there is a
road traffic, building work or cleaning work at the plutonium
contaminated site, plutonium can enter the body through the
respiratory tract.  Generally, the more whirled up, the greater
the dose intake per quantity of plutonium on the ground.  If there is fire, and plutonium becomes airborne into fine aerosol particles, plutonium contamination of the environment will extend to a far larger scale, landing on ground, contaminating a vast wider area. Plutonium remains effective over very long periods affecting the health of the people and the environment.(16) 
#Accident Scenario When Burning MOX

Accidents involving overheating and meltdown are possible in any
nuclear reactors.  In such accidents, not only would readily
volatile noble gases, like iodine and caesium be released
to the environment, but a small portion of the actinides,
including plutonium and neptunium would be released.  As the
activity of the actinides is substantially higher in the case of
MOX, the consequences of such severe accidents become more serious.

When MOX fuels are used, the probability of having such serious accidents or trouble would increase due to the high content of plutonium in the fuel. Even if an accident is not a serious one, it could become serious since even a small portion of the inventory of actinides released to the environment could cause significant radiological consequences.
#Accidents at Fabrication Plants

Accidents at MOX fuel fabrication plants have occurred.  In June,
1991, the storage bunker of the MOX fuel fabrication plant in
Hanau, Germany was contaminated with MOX.  It occurred after the
rupture of a foil for container packaging in the course of an
in-plant transportation process.  Five workers were exposed to
plutonium.  This accident was the main reason the fabrication
plant at Hanau was shut down.(19)

In November, 1992, a rod was broken through a handling error and
MOX dust released during the mounting of MOX fuel rods to fuel
assemblies in the fuel fabrication facility adjoining the MOX
facility in Dessel, Belgium.(20)

In event of such accidents, if the International Commission on
Radiological Protection (ICRP) recommendations for general public
exposure were adhered to, only about 1 mg of plutonium may be released from a MOX facility to the environment. As a comparison, in uranium fabrication facility, 2kg (2,000,000mg)of uranium could be released in the same radiation exposure. A 1 mg
release of plutonium from a processing process can easily happen
from various smaller incidents.(21)

Must Watch video – Information about Plutonium in Nuclear Plants.

3/18/11 – This Video is from Chernobyl a fly over 2 days after it exploded – it shows white smoke coming from it. Seems to me that is what we are already seeing in Japan – the white smoke.


Added 3/16/11 – Zerohedge has a very good article detailing the Nuclear Plant in meltdown and all the spent rods stored and how many.  Excellent information to understand how much radiation and rods that are involved and ultimately how much radiation may be involved.

One other bit of information – KI pills do no good against MOX – it is only good for Uranium radiation. Plutonium is not affected by the pills!

EDIT TO ADD 3/13/11 8:54pmLink to information about Plutonium Contamination of Large Land Areas.
It stays in the soil 100% for one inch.  Even rain does not wash it away.   This link also give diagrams of distance to amount of contamination of that distance.

I will say in my own opinion ALL Nuclear Power plants anywhere near fault lines need to be SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY! That includes those that are right on the fault in California (what brilliant idiots decided on that place?) and all that are near the New Madrid Fault! Nuclear power plants ARE NOT Clean Energy! In fact they contaminate the Earth on a level that takes thousands of years to eradicate.

3/18/11 – WHO says no need to ban travel to and from Japan – radiation levels aren’t that bad from people coming from there.   WHO is the LAST organization I would personally  trust regarding in Health information.

EDIT to ADD – 3/14/11 – 8:55pm est – I will be doing lots of research on how people can protect themselves from contamination.  I will say, those on the West Coast should go and get tarps ASAP, before they are sold out to make a small decontamination type building outside your house.  I will be putting something together to help inform people what to do for uranium and plutonium contamination.

ADDITION – 3/14/11 – 10:34pm est – Good Article to read with Map of Jet Stream and where the radiation will travel to.  PNW is in the direct line of fire of the fallout from Japan.

Updates that were at the top – are now here – they are situations and news as they happened.

on 3/15/11 6am Japan time Reactor 2 explodedhttp://www.livestation.com/channels/123-nhk-world-english

0n 3/14/ 11 Japan time– Video of EXPLOSION OF REACTOR 3 (Mox Fuel) that Just now happened on 3/14/11 at 11am  Japanese time (Mox Fuel) * watch this video and the one at the bottom of this article of Reactor #1 exploding on Saturday – to me this explosion is much bigger and more powerful than the other and there was a large flash at the beginning!

Question added 3/14/11 – They say they are pumping seawater into all the reactors to cool them.  The Japanese government nor MSM have mentioned where the seawater is being dumped afterward.  Is the toxic radiated water being circulated back into the ocean after going through all the reactors?

UPDATE – 3/14/11 12:12 AM – I was just listening to FOX news and they were talking to a Nuclear Expert as soon as he began saying Reactor 3 which had just exploded has different fuel and about to explain it, she totally cut him off and said there was no more time to talk to him.  Wow – they are trying to keep this information about MOX fuel from getting out! 

CONFIRMED – REACTOR 3 (Mox Fuel Reactor) Exploded 10:50pm est- On LIVE right now  – they are saying it is all still contained – possibly mass radiation from it though – (update) now they have changed that story and saying no radiation! Saying reactor is not damaged now and saying containment vessel still intact – same explosion as what happened with #1 – just the outer building!

 UPDATE -3/13/11 10:38PM EST – CNN JUST NOW SAID THERE WAS A BLAST AT REACTOR NUMBER 3  (the mox fuel reactor) – They are not sure of the whole situation and all they know is there has been a blast from it.

UPDATE 3/13/11 10PM est–  NUMBER 3 REACTOR – rods may have been damaged  (this is the one with the MOX fuel).

The official also said that Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501), the operator of the plant, has been able to release pressure in reactor No. 3 but that he’s concerned that its fuel rods may be damaged.

Another UPDATE – Just outFrom IAEA blog  about Reactor 3 (MOX fuel reactor) –

Unit 3 does not have off-site power supply nor backup diesel generators providing power to the plant. As the high pressure injection system and other attempts to cool the reactor core have failed, injection of water and boron into the reactor vessel has commenced. Water levels inside the reactor vessel increased steadily for a certain amount of time but readings indicating the water level inside the pressure vessel are no longer showing an increase. The reason behind this is unknown at this point in time. To relieve pressure, venting of the containment started on 13 March at 9:20AM local Japan time. Planning is underway to reduce the concentration of hydrogen inside the containment building. The containment building is intact at Unit 3.

Edit 3/14/11 9am est – I have a question.. they are saying there has not been radiation leaking and the containment vessels are intact with both reactors.  Then WHY   Those in a helicopter were contaminated found when they landed on the Ronald Reagan?   It is said the Ronald Reagan went through a radiation cloud also. Why isn’t MSM asking that question?  How can the reactors be intact yet people are getting contaminated from radiation?  Can’t they ask the most basic questions?  Don’t they know people will on their own know someone is lying somewhere.  Lets see….. the Japanese about the reactors not melted down and no radiation leaking or the U.S. military and the soldiers who are now showing radiation contamination?  hhhmmm…. let me think about that.

another addition.. 9:26am est – I am flabbergasted CNN anchor says reactor exploded but NO Radiation Leaked!  How can they say that with a straight face?  When the U.S. military has been contaminated out in the ocean from radiation?  How can they easily lie like that, when it doesn’t make sense? They are saying steam released had small amounts of radiation but they are not saying one word about MOX fuel in that steam.

Added – 3/14/11 12:20pm estLink for Live Real Time Geiger Counter in Tokyo

Added 3/14/11 12:36am est Kyodo news says partial melt down for Reactor 1 and 3 and now
Reactor 2  rods were fully exposed – there are fears of it exploding now.  This one may be a full meltdown.
Reactor 2 is not a MOX fuel reactor.

 This is what Japan’s stores look like now. 3/15/11  Makes you think…. What would happen in the U.S. 
with a disaster?  Have you thought ahead? 
Trailer from The China Syndrome from 1979


91177info said…
I have turned your research into a downloadable pdf because it is so important.http://www.scribd.com/full/50670006?access_key=key-icrqoow3i23r3qf3nil
March 13, 2011 8:26 PM
Anonymous said…
Biology=all living things. A word that we hear and just don’t embrace, it means ALL life large and small. What is wrong with people? Could it not be anymore dangerous? The question presented, “Why didn’t they have their generators 50 feet in the air in case of tsunamis?” Gee, with all the ADVANCED degrees and BRILLIANT minds that built that thing no one thought to build it higher? I swear with the ADVANCED degrees in banking and the advanced degrees that it took to put this together we are all surrounded by stupid. Better to have a mom or a dad who would be concerned about WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN. I am god-smacked by the shear stupidity that we appear to trust just because they have a degree. Japan, you deserve better; I would be super pissed, super. It is their fault…period. Tar and feather time people, across the planet tar and feather.
March 13, 2011 8:31 PM
Anonymous said…
MOX fuel is not anywhere near 2 million times worse than Uranium.The concerns about the fuel are directly related to proliferation. The Plutonium can be chemically extracted from the MOX and potentially used for nuclear bombs.Released into the environment it is not significantly worse than Uranium.

March 13, 2011 8:36 PM
auctions said…
The #1 reactor was the one that did explode already. I believe the #3 reactor (the one you say is using MOX fuel) was the one they said “may also explode”…”As the exclusion zone around the facility was widened to more than 13 miles today, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said that a hydrogen explosion could occur at Unit 3 of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex, the reactor that could be melting down.”http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1365781/Japan-earthquake-tsunami-Fears-second-explosion-nuclear-power-plant-exclusion-zone-facility-widened.html

March 13, 2011 8:47 PM
Sherrie Questioning All said…
Hey, I guess you did not read the last paragraph of the information. Here it is again for you! I did not make the 2 million up – it is in the information provided about MOX!only about 1 mg of plutonium may be
released from a MOX facility to the environment. As a comparison, in uranium fabrication facility, 2kg (2,000,000mg)of
uranium could be released in the same radiation exposure
March 13, 2011 8:48 PM
Sherrie Questioning All said…
Also – I have to ask you…. did you READ the information provided in the post? You must not have, because it IS Significantly Worse than Uranium! All the information provides that fact.
March 13, 2011 9:00 PM
Anonymous said…
Plutonium has a very short half life. Direct Exposure limits are reflected in this. It will generate a significant amount of radiation over a relatively short period of time.Uranium is the gift that keeps on giving for thousands of years.Direct exposure limits are guidelines for operations. This is not the same as contamination levels.

You are comparing apples to oranges.

March 13, 2011 9:02 PM
Sherrie Questioning All said…
please read the link about Plutonium at the end – you will find the statement you made it not true.
March 13, 2011 9:27 PM
Anonymous said…
“One other bit of information – KI pills do no good against MOX – it is only good for Uranium radiation. Plutonium is not affected by the pills!”Mox will also produce Iodine isotopes. KI Pills will most certainly help.The pills do not protect for anything other than isotopes of Iodine which are common in any nuclear fission.

Also, Mox contains uranium so your statement is… Mmmph

March 13, 2011 10:12 PM
Masher1 said…
One thing i sure have noticed this last few days is that the loudest voices of contempt for the seriousness of this event sure like to hide behind the ANONYMOUS name.When you come around and harp on an on about nukes are good and everything is fine using the handle ‘Anonymous’ we rightly just tune you out as we should.A smart man/woman will see the babbling of the Anonymous fool and be extra cautious and diligent in looking for the real story just because of the fact of the attempted misdirections of a nameless troublemaker.

Everything i have seen and heard posted about this event has many many examples of this Anonymous baloney all through the comments.

March 13, 2011 10:59 PM
Anonymous said…
I’m noticing on all the truth sites that they are overrun with shills advocating that ‘it’s perfectly harmless’. Same thing happened during the oil spill……100,000 now sick in that area.
March 13, 2011 11:30 PM
Anonymous said…
if i get shot it hurts and i could die. Sure There is a difference to being shot in the head and shot in the finger. No matter what, it is still dangerous. Downplaying the serious nature is the guy holding the gun. why are you down playing this??? Are you saying its safe enough for YOU to stand or bath in? Maybe YOU could take a KI pill and help with clean up? Just wondering.
March 14, 2011 12:12 AM
Anonymous said…
I’m glad I wasn’t the only person to witness the nuclear expert on Fox to be cut off when addressing the fuel used in #3.
March 14, 2011 12:52 AM
Anonymous said…
take your love and light and…musn’t we be awestruck!take your love and light and…

March 14, 2011 3:09 AM
Anonymous said…
Yes if you get shot it’s bad. But we need rational gun policy, just like we need rational energy policy. EVERY power generation technology has its benefits and drawbacks. Coal makes tons of ash pollution. Nuclear makes much, much less, but it is longer lasting. Solar isn’t efficient enough to cover our needs.Every time I see an anti-nuclear screed like this, filled with multi-colors, large fonts and fear mongering, I say simply “What’s the alternative?”We have an energy hungry world. And it’s only going to get more hungry. Hydrocarbons will run out, and pollute until they do so. Solar/wind/hydro/dif are all great, but produce too little to meet our needs.

The safest technology for energy production is nuclear. It produces more, it pollutes less. It isn’t 100% safe, because nothing is. When accidents happen, it can be terrible. But it’s the best choice of the bunch.

I wish people could be grown up about this. I wish people could realize that our options are limited, than no technology is perfect, and we’ll have to accept the bad along with the good.

March 14, 2011 8:08 AM
Philip Inuhoff said…
Gee, thanks anonymous government troll! I told my kids not to play in the glowing sandbox! What a relief! What would we ever do without elitist depopulation tools like you and your special facts? Hey! I hear if you lick the core containment vessel, it tastes like sherbert!!! Come on kiddies!!WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
March 14, 2011 8:49 AM
Sherrie Questioning All said…
The large font and red is that information that people need to read. People do not like reading long information pieces. So just as the govt. and advertising does – you know all those pharmaceutical commercials, wanting people to be drugged up one way or another. They use all kinds of fonts and ways to get their message across. They also use subliminal ways.Me? There is information people need to really understand about a certain subject. Considering this can affect people in all ways including our land – yes I will use color and font size to make sure people read that part, if they don’t read other parts. It is all just trying to get real information out.You didn’t mention magnetic energy – that energy is being suppressed in all ways.

There are many more ways of providing electricity. In fact people could have their own little generators for all their electrical needs through magnetic energy. It could even power cars!

Gosh where would that leave big oil and electrical? OH, let me answer that – No where!

PTB have suppressed all kinds of REAL energy. They have released types of alternative energy that helps a little but not a complete solution.

Yeah I believe ALL Nuclear Power plants need to be SHUT DOWN Now!

March 14, 2011 9:02 AM
Anonymous said…
Drama Queen.http://bravenewclimate.com/2011/03/13/fukushima-simple-explanation/Stop watching the news. They’re only interested in exaggeration and hype to scare you into ‘staying tuned’. That’s how they get high ratings.

March 14, 2011 9:43 AM
Dakuro said…
Well I guess this is gonna be the japanese chernobyl… they will should bury everything under concrete, toncs of concrete, just like chernobyl to prevent the radiation came out and finish to destroy everything around.
March 14, 2011 9:46 AM
Sherrie Questioning All said…
Wow – I checked your site at bravenewclimate. LOL you are a nuclear power site about getting more nuclear power around the world.Gosh, seems you have a nice long explanation there from an “expert” saying “Move Along, nothing to see here”. Oh, guess we should just believe that and stop looking for truth. Uh…. also the news is not even mentioning MOX fuel, so no worry about them hyping MOX fuel reactor explosion. Thanks for all the interesting info… of “Move along”.OH, that nice little logo of saying “Nuclear Power? YES, Please”! on your site too.

March 14, 2011 9:54 AM
Anonymous said…
In the mid 1990s, spent fuel from the South Texas Nuclear Project was buried below the Edwards Aquifer, the water supply for Austin, Texas.Why?a) was the only place they could find
b) was the cheapest place they could find
c) they knew the environmentalists had no objection
d) I do not know
e) none of the above

March 14, 2011 10:18 AM
Anonymous said…
“The SAFEST technology for energy production is nuclear. It produces more, it pollutes less. It isn’t 100% safe, because nothing is. When accidents happen, it can be terrible. But it’s the best choice of the bunch.I wish people could be grown up about this. I wish people could realize that our options are limited, than no technology is perfect, and we’ll have to accept the bad along with the good.”I do not accept your argument. Safest you say, cleanest you say, tell that to the people in Japan, tell that to the people who are exposed…until you are in the middle of the hot zone not here and at the moment safe your opinion is meaningless. Then you bring in guns…guns, this indicates to me that you are a shill maybe a GE shill. Grow up you say; there are thousands that will not have the opportunity to “grow up”. There are technologies that will never have the chance because of MONSTERS like GE who smashes anyone who would dare get in their way…no Francis we are not allowed to explore newer, safer means of energy due to corporations that have already designed our future…if you do not believe me then go to Disney look at the display of the future world…ALL MONSTER companies vision…we are still using means for transportation that should have been replaced over 50 years ago but still we are producing gas guzzling vehicles. There are better ways they just don’t stand a chance. We need to look at how we use our energy, people need to think about the recuperations but then again, I did not know about MOX. Show of hands people…who wants a nuclear plant next to their home? Who here feels that it is worth the horrible consequences? Who here is willing to sacrifice their children? Give us a voice yet we appear to have NONE…but worry about guns…guns will not pollute the earth, guns will not poison your food, guns cannot alter your DNA as well as future DNA if exposed to uranium or MOX. Give me a gun any day over nukes. No Nukes!

March 14, 2011 10:33 AM
robertsgt40 said…
Kinda reminds me when the press reported there was no leak at the BP blowout but Sadam had WMDs.
March 14, 2011 10:47 AM
MPrck said…
You could see information slowing down as the weekend went on, I think your blog explains why. Exposure of the MOX rods would explain why the RR carrier is so hot to get far away.
March 14, 2011 10:48 AM
nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney said…
10 years of constant lies from US government,
10 years of constant lies from controlled media
March 14, 2011 11:02 AM
Anonymous said…
I used to live approximately five miles from the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, which is built on a fault line on the central coast of California. After watching a documentary film on the creation of this power plant, http://www.dlbfilms.com/questionofpower.html I was shocked that it was allowed to be activated.Anti-nuclear power activists http://www.energy-net.org/index.html & http://mothersforpeace.org/ fought this plant for years. At one point, a day before the fuel rods were to be installed—a point of no return action—it was discovered by a new engineer, who was on the worksite for the first time, that the earthquake safety materials were in the wrong buildings. In other words, building “A” had the safety equipment for building “B” installed and “B” in “A”. Now think about that for a minute. Each step of the building process had to pass federal, state, and county inspections. They all failed to see this massive mistake that one outsider could see immediately. This caused the activation to be delayed for around four years while the buildings were refitted.I knew we were in a danger zone when I received from the county government potassium iodide pills “just in case.” After that I bought a Geiger counter. When I went to local government meetings, I asked others that I thought might have the same worries as me if they had Geiger counters. No, I was it. Five miles from a nuclear power plant built on a fault line and I was the only one with a monitoring device. This is how easy it is to be lulled into torpor with enough time passing. Most simply don’t see the danger if nothing happens with enough passage of time. The people of Japan must be entertaining those thoughts right now that were dormant for so long.

We expected the Soviets to lie about Chernobyl, but the U.S. authorities lied massively about Three Mile Island’s event. Based on that, can you imagine how quickly a radiation leak would arrive at a five mile distance? Even if P.G. & E. were to immediately report the release/leak, how quickly could everyone get the message? The power plant warning sirens are tested on a weekly basis. If it went off at an irregular time, how many wouldn’t get it? In Japan, most people were led to believe that they had one hour from the time a tsunami alarm was heard to get to higher ground. However, during this current disaster, they actually only had nine minutes. As the Japanese news is now reporting, the nuclear experts never anticipated that such a gigantic quake would hit, and this was based on over 1,000 years of historical data.

Anyone that supports nuclear power is a suicidal psychopath whose death wish includes all life. The only way to stop them is by eliminating their power to act against life. Planetary life depends on all of us. We’re now engaged in a titanic battle over everything: finances, environment, individual human rights, possibly WWIII. Will we be able to generate enough momentum to gain control over our lives, control that has never been ours for, what, centuries? Failure is not an option.

March 14, 2011 11:13 AM
thetruth2.0 said…
just a devistating tragedy makes me extremely sad if you are a truth seeker i invite you to watch the videos on my blog we need to get the word out please help me in my mission of getting people in the know
March 14, 2011 11:19 AM
Anonymous said…
Sherrie,Thank you for getting this information out.
I haven’t heard much about this MOX feul, but from what little I’ve read things are not looking positive for the people of Japan. I have family there, but in the South.The only thing we can do during times like these is give what we cannot handle over to a higher power, a higher authority above that of man. That and close every bloody nuclear facility on this Earth! It’s time to change the way we’ve been living. Now we no longer have a choice.

Much love…

March 14, 2011 11:27 AM
Anonymous said…
Would you like a little more plutonium to go with your uranium?
March 14, 2011 11:44 AM
Anonymous said…
Drama Queen:Brave new climate is not my site. I don’t even agree with it’s views on man-made climate change. But nuclear power is much safer than what you’re claiming it to be. Did you even READ the article? It appears all you did was critique the website layout itself.You do not even know what MOX is, but you keep saying it like it’s a campaign slogan. MOX we can believe in! Yes we can MOX! You have no understanding of radiation or its effects. But, feel free to keep watching the news and rant hysterically like a good little sheeple.

March 14, 2011 11:51 AM
Sherrie Questioning All said…
Funny, I inserted articles from many various sources about MOX – I did not make it up. So you are claiming I AM the one who is saying it is unsafe. Seems to me you have not read the info – as all sources are linked and are from those who are experts in various fields.Oh, sure I am a sheeple – yeah… because I am searching for truth and putting real information out and not MSM spin who have STILL NOT MENTIONED MOX! They cut people off too, if that expert begins to mention MOX.If it isn’t that bad as you claim, then why isn’t MSM fully talking about it and disclosing that is what is in Reactor 3 which blew up?

Yeah….. sure I am a sheeple!🙂 LOL

March 14, 2011 12:02 PM
NadePaulKuciGravMcKi said…
Microscopic plutonium fallout inhalation.
March 14, 2011 12:08 PM
Anonymous said…
I pray for the people of Japan, I have been there 10 times and in the power industry over 30 yrs, and survived 2 hydrogen exsplosions.The news media is once again covering up the cold hard facts,the japanese have been using MOX fuel in there water reactors( and at this plant) and bad enginneering (standbye diesels).This has the potential to destroy their people.If a meltdown occurs it will top chernobyl 10 times in death to people and wildlife,the USA is not out of danger.
March 14, 2011 1:58 PM
Anonymous said…
The site for the Geiger counter says (in Japanese) that 10-20 is typical background radiation, and so far, I’ve not seen any indication of anything abnormal. It’s reading 10 as of now.
March 14, 2011 2:02 PM
Henry said…
Hillary Clinton said, when this tragedy struck in Japan, “I am sending ‘cooling fluid’ to help cool the reactors” Does this mean that Pep Boys will be sold out of all of their anti-freeze?When are we gonna stop putting delinquent morons in high office, to be manipulated by Bilderbergers and Zion??
March 14, 2011 2:17 PM
Anonymous said…
All discussion here is interesting but this event has pounded the final nail in the coffin. Nuclear is dead. The risk premium will be far too high to get financing. This event will push further advancements in alternative energy sources. Conservative fools, lovers of war, death, and destruction, knowers of all, superior to all, inferior to none… kiss your beloved, horrific, terrifying nuclear goodbye. Tell your mineral and fossil fuel extrating supporters/overlords that you’re going to have to come up with an alternate program to maintain the stranglehold.
March 14, 2011 2:36 PM
Anonymous said…
I would prefer plutonium in my body versus uranium if I had a choice between the two, but thats just me
March 14, 2011 3:35 PM
Anonymous said…
These events occurring in Japan is like watching a Sci-Fi movie. The events are truly terrifying, especially for the folks in Japan and their surrounding neighboring countries. My heart goes out to these unfortunate people.
March 14, 2011 4:22 PM
Earl Nash said…
Reactor #3 uses MOX (very deadly stuff). It was built in 1960 to contain uranium fuel. When they put the MOX in two years ago, did they REPLACE THE CONTAINMENT VESSEL in #3 to account for MOX being (range) 2,000 to 2 million times more volatile than the uranium fuel? If the answer is “NO”—then what?
March 14, 2011 4:26 PM
Anonymous said…
Dude you really are a troll. Sure, no danger in a meltdown. Its all safe. You can mix it with your fingers. Organic food is so much more dangerous . Get off it. Go there hang out a bit. Come back and then tell us the same thing. Preach how safe it is then. Nuclear is not the cleanest or safest.I don’t know who you work for but I do pray its not in PR. THANK YOU FOR SMOKING!
March 14, 2011 4:50 PM
Lito Sway said…
Nuclear energy is not going anywhere, sad as it may be. Rothchild and co. own every aspect of the industry, from making fuel rods to building the facility and turbines to the power grid that distibutes the power even the electric cars.
This is only one example of how the cental bankers control everything around us. I would expect the mainstream media to lie at every turn, its a matter of who owns the main stream media, ane everything around us.
My heart goes out to the victims and their families and friends.
March 14, 2011 7:01 PM
Anonymous said…
The rats have already left the sinking ship. The Rothschild perps, Buffet, Gates, Rockefellers have all gone traveling in the high mountains of India, or maybe Nepal by now, to wait out the fall-out from their HAARP generated quakes, including the one yet to come at the New Madrid fault-line planned for April or May, in a mountain sub – like in the movie 2012. They are probably thinking,”We fooled them all, those dumb new-agers. We made it happen the year before…” UTUBE: “The world’s wealthiest are running for cover!!!!!!! IMPORTANT …”
March 14, 2011 9:31 PM
Sherrie Questioning All said…
Yeah, I had found it funny that the whole family of Rockefellers decided to go to India, then Warren Buffet going with his pal Bill Gates. Then movie stars happen to be in India too right now, like Will Smith and family. I guess India is the place to be right now for the rich and famous. I have been watching where the “elite” have been going this month. I looked up the Queen of England’s schedule, Clinton, Obama all of their schedules too.India isn’t on their schedule – but is a fast trip to Colorado ever out of the question?Clinton is in France right now.

March 14, 2011 9:59 PM
Masher1 said…
Thanks Sherrie. You are having plenty of effect. Keep at it and avoid feeding the troll’s I know it is difficult at times. Judging by the swarm of them i would guess you are hitting plenty of nerves. I hit a whole nest of them on the Youtube comment engine and boy oh boy are they motivated in response to this event. I also saw the nukes yes please thing and thought NSA/TIA for sure. Anyone with there tongue that far up big nuke’s keister is one for sure. I looked in on the Japanese PM’s talk and he is a shifty person to say the least. Looking at that press conference just made me sure they are lying there asses of about everything. The truth is readily recognizable and lies are all he had for the audience. The other dude yapping at that event was just plain not very good at lying at all. At this point everyone in Japan can fear their government in full safety without any regrets. So sad.
March 14, 2011 11:37 PM
Anonymous said…
HI Sherrie, Its me Julie in Mo. (antar) and i want to say this is so huge, keep at it girlfriend.
March 15, 2011 1:42 AM
Anonymous said…
wow not sure if you’re trolling or not really hope you are. Magnetic generators? no one really attacked that one?
Perpetual motion doesn’t work.
March 15, 2011 10:40 AM
Applied said…
Its time people woke up to the reality of the foolishness of nuclear and oil or any other form of energy with such extremely disastrous consequences due to inevitable mechanical failures, especially those so easily caused by natural disasters and with such far reaching and deadly consequences.There already exist much better alternatives. In fact in Japan they already had some operating. There are newer and better ones available now such as the ORB biofuels system.(www.facebook.com/ORBsystem)These are advanced IMC (integrated methanization and composting facilities)which are high tech, high efficiency anaerobic digesters that use naturally occurring bacteria to release methane (natural gas AKA biogas)to turn normal every day organic wastes such as trash, leaves, paper, etc. into gas, then electricity while also breaking down the material safely and sanitizing it so that it can be used as compost/fertilizer.

These are much more cost effective, paying for themselves in 2-4 years and extremely safe because they are built in a way that withstands earthquakes and wind forces in excess of 1400 MPH. Its insane that they have not been mandated for construction everywhere a decade ago.

March 15, 2011 11:42 AM
Anonymous said…
I told you to switch to Thorium and Thorium reactors 25 years ago. I told you to turn the middle east to green glass 38 years ago.I told you to get seriuos about coal and natural gas and alterative energy 40 years ago, but did you listen? NOOOOOO. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind you idiot libtards.
March 15, 2011 5:22 PM
NakedGary said…
Your Blog lost all creditability showing the oil refinery fire as a nuclear plant fire.How dare you on purpose confuse and post incorrect images of a serious to grave situation.
March 15, 2011 11:49 PM
Sherrie Questioning All said…
I have taken that picture out – but the site that has it is AsianOne saying it was Reactor 2 on fire. But I will believe you that it was the oil refinery.http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest+News/Asia/Story/A1Story20110315-268286.htmlLook at that article right there – shows the picture I had up as Reactor 2.

So no I was not doing anything on purpose.

But thank you for letting me know that Asiaone news is the one who is misleading people with the image they have up as Reactor 2. Which you will see in the link above, in this comment.

March 15, 2011 11:57 PM
ryanshaunkelly said…
The elevated spent fuel pools have also been compromised by the explosions.
Israeli dependents and non-essential embassy staff removed several days ago.
March 16, 2011 4:36 AM
Anonymous said…
Plutonium is much more dangerous and why Japan know that it’s more dangerous, they still use it?Because Plutonium can make nuclear bombs, and why Japan built so many nuclear plants in a country used to have over 1000 earthquake each year? And actually their country just use up 30% of the energy?When US kept on saying Iraq, North Korea making nuclear weapons, why there is no people raise a question to Japan?
Where are those tons of Plutoniums store?
Are why they need to store such a big amount of Plutoniums? Some specialist wonder Japan can actually make up thousand of nuclear bombs right now.

I feel sorry for the earthquake and tsunami, but is it really to have so many nuclear plants in a country has so many earthquakes? Or there is something hidden by the Japan Government?

March 16, 2011 5:06 AM
Anonymous said…
For what it’s worth.”If you do an analysis of the same type of reactor, one fuelled with uranium, one fuelled with mox, what you find generally is that about twice as many people will require evacuation under a mox-fuelled reactor accident.”About one and a half times as many people will die in the interim, and two to three more times will die in the longer term. So it has a very significant radiological impact in the aftermath of an accident.”

ref – http://www.channel4.com/news/japan-how-dangerous-are-nuclear-blasts

March 16, 2011 2:22 PM
Anonymous said…
Plutonium is the most toxic substance known. One pound of Plutonium, equally dispersed, is sufficient to kill every human (not to complex mention animal life) on earth.Press is reporting that MOX fuel rods are around 1% Plutonium. I don’t know how much one of these beasts weighs but they are large and Uranium, zirconium (major constituents) are much more dense (and therefore heavier) than lead. I’m hoping the 1% figure is wrong since that could imply that hundreds of pounds are involved in each rod and at very high temperatures, like those in the dry pool/fire it is conceivable that the entire rod could vaporize and/or be released in particulate form.As for relatively short half – life:

From Wikipedia:

Plutonium is the heaviest primordial element, by virtue of its most stable isotope, plutonium-244, whose half-life of about 80 million years is just long enough for the element to be found in trace quantities in nature.[3] The most important isotope of plutonium is plutonium-239, with a half-life of 24,100 years. Plutonium-239 is the isotope most useful for nuclear weapons. Plutonium-239 and 241 are fissile, meaning the nuclei of their atoms can break apart by being bombarded by slow moving thermal neutrons, releasing energy, gamma radiation and more neutrons. These can therefore sustain a nuclear chain reaction, leading to applications in nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors.
Plutonium-238 has a half-life of 88 years and emits alpha particles.

All isotopes are being released from the spent fuel pool of reactor #3.

All of this would confirm what Sherrie is saying.

I’m also amazed that the press is almost silent on this scenario since it is now becoming reality.

As horrific as all of this sounds, it could be much worse.


March 16, 2011 5:41 PM
Masher1 said…
MOX is 5% to 8% Pu-239 for fuel in a reactor.
March 16, 2011 9:08 PM
Anonymous said…
Anonymous Thanks for your comment- rel eye opener “..rats already left the sinking ship…Rothschild perps, Buffet, Gates, Rockefellers have all gone traveling in the high mountains of India, …to wait out the fall-out from their HAARP generated quakes”.All these High_Criminals who have generated the catastrophic nuclear situation in Japan (HAARP, MOX etc.) and other places to come, will be judged for crime against humanity… their time will come.
March 16, 2011 9:24 PM
Anonymous said…
the worst of it is, is that I am English, and as such i can’t but feel awful as it was our government that sold this MOX (truly, so terrifying that at one point japan refused it) to the japanese. i do ask why tons of and tons of concrete were not dumped on the site over the weekend, everyone new a meltdown was happening and indeed has. so why is everyone standing there and not burying the site?
March 17, 2011 4:54 AM
Anonymous said…
I am a physicist, not yet well known, but what I have to say is confirmed by former renowned Princeton Physicist Dr. Brian O’Leary, who has advised Presidential candidates on energy policy and was trained as an astronaut. Cold fusion and other advanced energy technologies have been achieved, but have long been suppressed. This includes anti-gravity, the reality of which I have demonstrated and explained in terms of the true meaning of Einstein’s relativity.
March 17, 2011 11:34 AM
Anonymous said…
I know that Wall Street is completely unwilling to invest in nuclear reactors UNLESS a law is passed through the congress to guarantee their loans; the people who are willing to invest in pretty much anything is unwilling to invest in nuclear power UNLESS they have a bailout ahead of a meltdown. Now, I find that VERY INTERESTING. For the people who claim how safe it is…I say really! Then how come Wall Street needs an act of CONGRESS to invest due to the POSSIBILITY of a massive loss. Now, to all the nay sayers I say, SHUT UP.
March 17, 2011 7:51 PM
Anonymous said…
Thanks “I am a physicist…Cold fusion and other advanced energy technologies have been achieved, but have long been suppressed.”
To bring back the suppressed technologies… this is needed in the moment like this…but the Rothschild & Banksters can not make enough money out of these technologies.
How to revive suppressed technologies?
March 17, 2011 8:47 PM
Anonymous said…
The banksters who paid for the MOX rods + Nuclear Japanese Plants are liable as well as the owner. Time to make the bansters liable for their nuclear atrocities & HAARP etc.
Bankster time to be judged & convicted for crimes against humanity.
Obama, Sarkozy etc go to jail and pay for evil crimes.
March 18, 2011 3:42 AM
Anonymous said…
Mean while back at the ranch, “On March 16, a report was released by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) stating that Canada’s Ontario Power Generation has released radioactive water into Lake Ontario via a leak in the Pickering A nuclear generating station.
As a result of what appears to be a pump seal failure, tens of thousands of litres of radioactive water escaped the generating station on Monday and ended up in Lake Ontario. This is concerning for a number of reasons, but it is especially concerning considering the fact that Lake Ontario is the main source of drinking water for millions of people.
Typically, the Canadian government is claiming that the water contamination is of little concern and that the citizenry should not be alarmed. In an official statement, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission claimed, “The radiological risk to the environment and people’s health is negligible.”
Likewise, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and the Canadian government have been preferring to use the term “demineralized” water instead of “radioactive” water when discussing the leak. No doubt this is an attempt to hush concern over another radioactive accident amid anxiety over the “demineralized” catastrophe in Japan.” To all the people who claims how safe nukes are I invite you to drink the water.
March 18, 2011 10:27 AM
Anonymous said…
I wish everyone were ( Awake ) like the people that are commenting on this page. Most of the people I have dealings with are so retarded, I struggle to even communicate with them, then it makes me ill. Blessings ALL.
March 18, 2011 11:57 AM
Anonymous said…
New broadcasts are full of jargon about getting a power line in to start cooling pumps. Why were the stand by generators not A. protected. B. at least duplicated. Further a truck mounted gas turbine generator 2MW could have been flown in
and deployed within hours. The Japanese necessity to save “FACE” causes officials to wait and see and the governing bodies to spin the lies.
March 18, 2011 8:15 PM
Masher1 said…
Ok now just because folks seem not to be getting the message i will lay it out in plain english….The men who built this and many other plants WANTED THIS TO HAPPEN! Do you think they just over looked the fact that a tsunami would do the damage at this site it did? Do you think they built so many of these plants on fault lines and Earthquake zones by accident?Wake up. They have been at the ‘Kill Em All’ Game for many years now.

Population reduction at ANY cost to us.

The men at the tabel of the big room are getting data and info ready for the BIG ONE.

They have enough material to make some serious messes and data about the damage from Three mile island,Chernobyl and now Fukushima are all being factored into the BIG KILL coming along when they get cornered or feel the need to eliminate 90% of the useless eaters pissing them off.

It will NOT work.

They WILL fail.

We will see them dealt with SOON!

God guarantees it! The poisoner will die.

March 19, 2011 12:44 AM
Anonymous said…
Plutonium is much heavier than Uranium and as such cannot travel over large distances. While the immediate area surrounding the plant will probably be contaminated for aeons to come, there’s no reason to believe it will spread to the rest of Japan or the world at large. The only people being screwed over by MOX are the workers at the site trying to stop nuclear meltdowns with squirt guns. Pray for those poor souls who are being sacrificed by the people in charge just so they can keep pretending that averting a full crisis is still possible.
March 19, 2011 11:12 AM
Masher1 said…
These anonymous losers all seem to be Mr Nuke plants best friend. Just Who is spreading this shit Mr Anon at 11:12 is?? Uranium has a weight of 238.3 Plutonium has a weight of 244 hardly a ‘Much heavier’ difference between them seeing as they are only separated by one element ‘Neptunium’ on the periodic chart of elements and if one was to look Np is lighter than Pu so Pu and U weight wise are nearly the same. Forget the facts that micron sized particles could care less about all this weight bullshit once they have been suspended into plain old ‘Air’ and propelled by wind. Making claims of ‘Much heavier’ and ‘Cannot travel over long distances’ is plain blatant lies. Lies used for some time to ADVOCATE safe nuclear power.This will FAIL too.My fellow Humans have brains and can look up the ‘Periodic table of Elements’ and see. Don’t listen to the NSA/TIA bunch of Anonymous liars.

Read all about transuranic elements and how the work in our world then you will also see the lies as they are fed to you as well as THE LIARS feeding them.

This event will offer a vast percentage of lies and your job is to spot Every Single one of the liars before it will be dealt with properly.

March 19, 2011 1:56 PM
Anonymous said…
11:12 here. Let’s make a bet. 1 year from now Japan and the west coast of north america will still be standing.Of course by then I’m sure you’ll have come up with a proper excuse why everyone survived the top secret plutonium wave that was ordered by the population control secret organization. Of which I’m obviously a pawn or member since I don’t share your point of view.There’s more than enough reasons to be disgusted by this crisis and nuclear power as a whole without turning it into a conspiracy theory.

March 19, 2011 6:01 PM
Masher1 said…
See how the Anonymous losers makes light of a serious cancer risk to all life?Notice how they say stuff like ‘Let’s make a bet. 1 year from now Japan and the west coast of north America will still be standing.’like there was any claim of that going to happen.

We know the levels of leukemia and other cancers WILL rise as a direct result to this series of reactors blowing up. It is a undeniable Fact.

We know there is STILL folks suffering the effects of Chernobyl another undeniable Fact.

We know the fallout from a couple of thousand atmospheric nuclear weapons tests are STILL causing cancer and birth defects.

We know the use of Uranium 238 bullets and bombs is STILL causing cancer and birth defects.

Every point of use the Nuke Men have sown there death is STILL a serious hazard to every person exposed.

As i said above the game for them is kill as many useless eaters as they can. Using the atom is a easy way to deny responsibility for making those deaths a reality.

Even with a name Mr 11:12 here is still a shill helping the nuclear poisoner kill millions of us for some satanic game.

The Nuke Men will be dealt with. The liars helping them will be dealt with. The men pulling the strings and paying the bills will be dealt with.

Facts are facts. Even if they take a time to manifest.

March 20, 2011 12:10 PM
Masher1 said…
News seems to have dried up. Nothing new of any value at all in 3 or 4 days. I guess trillions of Nuke dollars can even hide this one under a rug with enough time eh? Have you found any relevant photos of the plant and the damage Sherrie? My net’s seem to be withholding good quality imagery of the damage very well.
March 21, 2011 8:57 PM
Sherrie Questioning All said…
Masher – to be totally honest – I have not had the heart to do much more on this. Many may not understand but I have been crying for days. I have been praying harder than I have ever prayed for the people of Japan and for a miracle to stop the nuke plant reactors. I have been too depressed to do much of anything. I am so heartbroken for the Japanese people and the Earth due to this.I still don’t understand how they could have let this happen.I ask for everyone to pray for a miracle and to pray for the Japanese and for the Earth.

We all deal with things different ways and right now the only way I have found to deal with this is cry and pray.

I got information out about it originally, at least some MSM is mentioning it. Though they are not saying the full implications of 50000 years of the Earth being made toxic from it.

May God’s Light and Love shine upon all the people of the world and Earth.

March 21, 2011 9:11 PM
online Diploma said…
these are the facts that this could happen to any country are we all prepared for such disaster…..
March 22, 2011 2:35 AM
Dornier said…
Sherry,So am I to gather from you that adding plutonium to a uranium reactor is a bad thing?
March 22, 2011 3:09 PM
Anonymous said…
well the media is finally opened up that no 3 is going to create a new chernobyl,,cnn,fox, and all the usa media once again played you all,,you on the west coast will die on the mox fuel coverup,,sick people in a sick soceity ,,you americans living in the box dont act surprised,,you like being lied too,,go live in libya and under a rock u stupid people ,,the black big ear man will kill us all,,he is a whipping boy for the rich,,and the middle class and poor are doomed,,just how they planned it many years ago,,see you all in heaven ,,,where we all are equal,,,,and the rich will burn in hell with their maker the devil himself.
March 25, 2011 3:31 AM
Anonymous said…
other kind of mox and symbolism:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSkoqRV_YRU&feature=related
March 28, 2011 6:16 AM
Anonymous said…
Pu-239 has a half life of 24,200 years. Pu-239 is used in pure plutonium reactors and nuclear weapons, not MOX fuel. Mixed Oxide (MOX) fuel uses Pu-238 which has a half life of 8.87 years.
March 28, 2011 11:20 AM  






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