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The 5th Dimension – What Will It be Like?
Part 1
By Jelaila Starr
Written April 4, 2001
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Due to the in-depth nature of this article, it is presented in two parts.

I have been asked to write this article by Devin and the Nibiruan Council.  They feel it is important because there is a chance that we, as creator gods/goddesses could end up creating a 5D reality that is not what we really want.  As Devin explained to me yesterday during a morning conversation, there are races out there who are actively influencing us and our ascension process, manipulating us so that we end up polarizing to one side or the other and thus fulfill their agenda instead of ours.  It is time we become conscious of this manipulation.  Devin states that it is not their (the Council’s) intention to control the outcome of our ascension process but it is the Council’s duty to inform us when manipulation is occurring so that we can do something about it.  He and the Council are very much aware that our free will and free choice must be maintained and honored by all races involved or observing our ascension.

When the idea to write this article first occurred to me, I thought it would be about things like, what kind of food we would eat, houses we would live in, cars we would drive, money etc, but it is not about any of that.  This article is about getting clear about the goal of ascension (ascending to the 5th dimension), what kind of society we want to create through our efforts…in the context of this grand earth experiment and how to avoid being thrown off course in the process.  Now some of you may think the idea of other races manipulating us is pretty far fetched.  I can understand that if you have not done any research on what is going on behind the scenes in your world. But I suggest you open your eyes and your mind because this activity is going on right in front of you.  Enough said, let’s get on with the article.

To understand what I am about to share, you will need to know some basic definitions. Of course, these are my own, based on my understanding.  Yours may be somewhat different.

What is the Grand Experiment?  The Grand Experiment refers to the objective of Divine Creator to integrate the two polar opposites, Light and Dark.  In our universe these two forms of energy are represented by two races.  They are the Humans and the Reptilians.    Read the Polarity Integration page on our site for more details.  We have attempted polarity integration two previous times without success.  This time, we are well on the way to successful completion.  Read  The 3 Earths page on our site for a comprehensive explanation.

How do we successfully complete a Grand Experiment?  We achieve the goal of the Grand Experiment by consciously creating a 5th dimensional (5D) society where Light and Dark are balanced.  This means, of course, that we have balanced the Light and Dark energies within ourselves so that they manifest as our reality.

A Collective – A collective is a group of individuals who link their minds and emotions so that each person can experience and know what all the others are thinking and feeling. They can partake of the combined knowledge and experiences of all members.  The reason for creating a collective is to develop a sense of oneness and teamwork among the individual members.

Unity consciousness – Some call it Christ consciousness.  My understanding is that Unity Consciousness refers to the state of consciousness where we all believe that we are one and therefore live with the understanding that everything we do and think affects everyone else.  We manifest this belief through the creation of a collective or group mind. The primary component at work here is Oneness. In the Grand Experiment, Unity consciousness represents the Light.

When Unity consciousness in a society becomes unbalanced it begins to manifest it’s opposite.  In other words, the society once based on oneness becomes a controlling oneness.  Control is something that we as humans who have become used to free will find uncomfortable.  An example of a Unity consciousness society gone haywire is the Taelons of Earth: Final Conflict.  They have a collective but have lost their ability to live outside it.  Those who unlink from it find that they become very fearful and many die because they cannot handle the responsibilities of individuality/separateness, of thinking on their own.  They have lived too long in the hive or web of their group mind. In this case, fear has entered the picture, the opposite of love, and this fear is what controls.

A more extremely polarized version of unity consciousness would be the Borg of Star Trek Voyager. Isn’t it interesting how we have been given examples of the various types of societies that we can create based on unity and separateness through our media.  It is like being given a menu that we can explore so that we can see what we want to create and what we don’t want to create.  The Borg really display the dark side of unity to the point that they believe that one can only be truly efficient and perfect if one is able to partake of the knowledge of others on a continuous basis, i.e., group mind.  And, to take it even further, the Borg travel through the galaxies, assimilating other races and their technology against their will, believing all the while that they are doing their captives a favor!  They feel they are improving these races since the Borg’s perspective of quality is perfection and efficiency—feelings are irrelevant.  Of course, there is one other little separatist aspect of this race, only the queen can have thoughts separate from the collective.  She controls it.   With the Borg, we see a “Light” society gone “Dark” through polarization.

So we see that when unity consciousness goes out of balance the elements of love and oneness are sacrificed for fear and control.  Is this what we want to create?  Is this what we are on the road to creating with all of our talk of moving towards the Light, rejecting the Dark as bad and evil?  I have to confess, it has me concerned and this concern is what is behind my feelings of discomfort of those that I affectionately call the “Love and Lighters.” They express only their Light side, their sweet side and seek to totally repress their Dark side.  As a result, they come off phony, totally lacking in realness.  They are easy to identify.

This Love and Light attitude is what I have seen more of since I entered the metaphysical community. And based on what I have already shared about imbalanced Light societies, I feel that if they continue to be the majority we are surely on the way to creating a society that is not only unreal, it will be rife with deception, fear, corruption and all the things we have now that we all say that we don’t want.  It will just be covered up better than it is now.  Sort of like creating Disney World with a dark underside.

There is one other aspect of an unbalanced Unity conscious society that is worth exploring—the people no longer procreate on their own, and the choice to have or not have a child is no longer theirs to make.  Population is strictly controlled.   All babies are created through artificial means i.e., test tubes and incubation chambers.  They never know the sound of their mother’s heartbeat.  This is another way they can control aspects of individuality since the child will have no connection to one individual but instead to the collective.

I have been taught that when races polarize too far to the Light or the Dark they lose their ability to procreate and they become androgynous since they no longer need sexual organs.  This would explain both the Taelon’s and the Grey’s dilemma.  Both are polarized Light societies.

Traits of a Unity Consciousness Society:

  • Female/Matriarchal
  • Emotional (predominantly upper chakra though)
  • Teamwork
  • Efficiency
  • Have a group mind/collective of some sort to create Oneness
  • Examples of unbalanced/polarized Unity Conscious societies: Taelons and Borg
  • Sexuality in a balanced Unity conscious society and race:  Ability to have sex at will and to procreate within the limits upon which everyone has agreed. In other words, no population explosions that create poverty, hunger and death.
  • Sexuality in an unbalanced Unity conscious society and race: No sex – become androgynous

Separateness consciousness – Separateness consciousness is the belief that we are all individuals and are separate from one another.  Our thoughts are our own.  There is no collective or group mind.  Maintaining individuality and free will is the primary objectives of this state of consciousness and are not to be denied or lost in any way.  In the Grand Experiment, Separateness consciousness represents the Dark.

As I have said many times, there is nothing wrong with Separateness conscious societies.  They have their strengths and their weaknesses. In this type of society the strong survive.  Those most capable of using their power to be responsible and independent will succeed.  Those who do not wish to use their power preferring to give it to others will not.  The message of this kind of society is: Power comes through one’s willingness to be responsible for it.  In a Unity society it is the opposite.  Their message is: Power comes through unification…the more unified we are the more powerful.  So everyone working together shoulders the responsibility of the group or society’s power.

In Separateness consciousness societies (an exception to this would be the more combative societies) emotions are looked upon as something that must be suppressed due to their unpredictable nature.  Logic is preferred because it is more predictable and allows one to achieve perfection.  This belief, of course, comes after many lives of war.  They rationalize that because of emotions, they war and so they take a different route and begin suppressing what they feel is at the root of their conflicts thus becoming peaceful and very deadly.

A good example would be the Vulcans.   Remember Spock from the original Star Trek series and Tuvac from the Star Trek Voyager series?  They both show us what life would be like if we polarized too far into separateness consciousness.  They rely on meditation and emotional abstinence to maintain their near perfectly logical lives. Unfortunately they live among those crazy humans with their unpredictable and illogical emotions and this creates many opportunities for these Vulcans to experience the chaos and excitement of human emotions.  I find myself laughing as I observe their discomfort over their captains seemingly illogical choices. Of course, many times they find out that those seemingly illogical choices were in fact the correct ones.  These Vulcans do not believe in acting on gut instinct or intuition.  For them it’s logic all the way! Makes me want to go up and hug ‘em just to ruffle their feathers a bit.  haha

When it comes to sex, no one can beat separateness conscious societies for passion and excitement. Since they work predominantly out of their lower chakras, the sexual chakra being one of these, they excel at taking sex to higher and higher levels of passion.  But of course, the more competitive and warrior type societies take their competitiveness into the bedroom so sex becomes somewhat violent. A good example of this was the sexual union between Whorf and Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  They both had to go to the infirmary after intercourse to get bandaged…but they were happy and satisfied!

Traits of a Separateness Consciousness Society:

  • Male/Patriarchal
  • Mental
  • Logical
  • Competitive
  • Perfectionistic
  • Work out of lower chakras
  • Sexuality:  They have sex and it is very passionate even violent in some cases.
  • Examples of unbalanced Separateness conscious races and their societies from most peaceful to the most combative :
    • Vulcans
    • Romulans
    • Founders
    • Cardasians
    • Klingons

We can be manipulated by races polarized to the Light as well as the Dark because of our patterns and belief systems.

This idea had not occurred to me until Devin talked to me about it just yesterday, but it makes sense.  Since the Light has a Dark side and the Dark has a Light side, and there are races that have polarized to each that are interested in pulling Earth to their side of the line, it would make sense that these races would be trying to manipulate us to fulfill their agenda. Again, races polarized to the Light would resemble the Taelons and the Borg (as described above). Both of these series were written by Gene Roddenbery to whom, I am convinced, was channeled this information.

The Borg are an example of the most polarized unity consciousness.  Everyone is hooked into the collective and not allowed to disconnect if they choose. They have lost their free will.  The Taelons are an example of a less polarized unity consciousness.  Always hooked into the collective but have some free will still available.  The character, Za’or is an example.  The Dark side of their nature is still present.  In their collective they don’t know everything that everyone is thinking.  They are androgynous and as a result can no longer procreate on their own, hence their reason for coming to earth—they are trying to save their dying race by finding a way to crossbreed with the earth humans.

Now I ask you, is it unrelated to us that the Taelon’s main agenda is to control mankind and use the human race to their own ends?  Is it just pure coincidence that the one planet that the Borg cannot seem to be totally successful in assimilating is Earth?   Is it only an unrelated aspect of the story that their last attempt to do so was to travel back through time to outwit Captain Picard and crew to accomplish this very goal?  In my opinion it is not a coincidence but a co-incident!  What do you think?

Isn’t it interesting that we have weekly TV shows depicting these types of races and how they interact with Humans?  And I don’t think that it’s unintended coincidence that we have them either. People wake up!  We are being shown our choices here!

Unbalanced consciousness, whether Unity or Separatness also leaves open the possibility for micro chipping.  Micro chipping is a way to create a collective but it also creates a controlled collective.  We will have no choice but to be in the collective if we get the chip, thus we will give up much of our free will.

If we go for the wrong goal of unity we can end up being manipulated by those who are already too polarized to the Light (unity consciousness) just as if we go for the wrong goal of individuality, we end up being manipulated by those who are already polarized to the Dark (Separateness consciousness).  We must find the balance and to find the balance, we need to better understand what we are trying to achieve, what we truly want to create as our new 5D world.

Now that we have reviewed the various types of societies that we don’t want to create, let’s decided what kind of society we do want to create.

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Author Info:
Jelaila Starr, author of We are the Nibiruans, The Mission Remembered and the highly acclaimed Keys of Compassion series, is an internationally known channel, teacher, and counselor. Through her lectures, workshops, and articles, Jelaila’s message of compassion has touched the hearts of people around. Jelaila’s work inspires hope and understanding while providing solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges.

As a psychic/intuitive counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding.  Jelaila’s unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do, and how to achieve it.  Jelaila can be reached by e-mail at: Jelaila@NibiruanCouncil.com
Website: www.nibiruancouncil.com

The 5th Dimension – What Will It be Like? 
Part 2
By Jelaila Starr
Written April 4, 2001
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Due to the in-depth nature of this article, it is presented in two parts.

What kind of 5D society do we want to create?  And what characteristics define it?

I would hope that the kind of society we want to create is one in which we have taken the best of Unity consciousness and the best of Separateness consciousness and combined them.  In other words, we would have a collective from which we could acquire knowledge and wisdom whenever we desired to do so.  We would not be chained or linked to it in such a way that it controlled us or caused us to loose any of our individuality.

We would create a society that allowed us to express our individuality but not at the expense of others.  Our hearts, which yearn for oneness, would guide us instead of our minds and this would manifest as us thinking of how our actions and choices impacted others before we did or made them.  Now let’s look at the various elements that would create this type of balanced Unity/Separateness society.

All things unknown would be made known – This has to be one of the most important elements of the 5D society we are creating.  There has been a whole lot of important information hidden from us by our government, our military and the scientific community.  We even hide stuff from ourselves!  By the way, this is why these solar flares are occurring. Through the solar flares the planetary frequency is affected along with the earth’s magnetic grid.  The magnetic grid holds our memories. When it is shaken through solar flares, those memories that are suppressed have the chance to surface, hence the emotional chaos we experience happening within us and around us.  So this habit of hiding information is ingrained in our society.  It is a behavior pattern indicative of a Separateness society.

Now you may ask, how will this hidden information be made known (military, government and scientific)?  It will surface through the Internet—and this is already happening!

The Internet: the new Collective – As myself and the Nibiruan Council have been saying for some time now, in our opinion the Internet (Web) is the foundation upon which we will create our 5D reality. I remember when 4 years ago I was first given this information about the Internet.  At the time it felt so right but I didn’t have any clue as to how it would look.  Devin explained that the Internet would be the foundation of the 5D reality we would create because the first thing that must happen is that all information must be made know so that people could make informed choices about their future.   Now, 4 years later, it makes a whole heap more sense—the Internet has come a long way in 4 years.  Now it is a household name but it wasn’t back then.

As I understand it, we (all of us on earth) have chosen through our actions to include a collective in our reality at this time, hence the Internet.  And the true purpose of this collective is to establish a foundation upon which we can create a different reality/society—one that is created on the precepts of Unity and Separateness.   I believe that many of us on earth have come here from other worlds where collectives are common and therefore when it was time, we pulled from our subconscious memories and began using the technology stored there. There is a saying, “There is nothing new in the universe.”  I really believe this.  All that we are doing right now on this planet has been done before.  I believe that we are tapping into our future selves and bringing the knowledge of how to establish a 5D society across the dimensions/states of consciousness to our world now.  In other worlds we are creating what we have created before on other worlds and other timelines.  Okay, so I’ve run off on a tangent again.  I’ll get back to the subject now.  There’s so much information running around in my head that needs to be shared with you…guess I’ll have to put it on tape. Hmmmmmm…

The Internet was also intended as part of the Grand Experiment.  As I understand it, Unity consciousness societies use a collective as their foundation.  A collective is where we express our oneness.  It is where we act out our desire to be one—to be connected in some way.  We can put anything we want into a collective.  For example, we can link our minds to any degree we desire or we can link our will or our emotional bodies.  All of these are variations of unity consciousness but none are part of our (earth’s) plan.  Our plan, as I understand it, is to link our knowledge, our information, but not our minds or emotional bodies.  In other words, the plan calls for us to use our collective, the Internet to hold our collective knowledge/information—it will not hold our minds permanently so that we cannot unlink from it.  But we can speak our minds and share our thoughts and emotions there.  Expressing is one use of our power that we need to regain in order to have a balanced 5D society—the Internet provides us with a safe place to practice.  How wonderful!

With the Internet as our Collective, we strike a balance between Oneness and Separateness because it allows us to connect to the collective whenever we want through a gateway (computer) and then disconnect at our desire.  So the computer creates the balance in using this Unity consciousness tool because it acts as a protective barrier that keeps us from having to be online/connected all the tune unless we want to be.

The computer also protects us from the possible misuse of a collective by those who wish to enslave us because with it in use, we can’t be programmed to stay connected and consciously tuned in all the time.  This is how collectives become an instrument for control. When enough people begin staying tuned in or online all the time, and this reaches critical mass, this need becomes a habit and this habit must be served so those who provide technology and such work to meet this need.  If this behavior is not halted, you soon have a society that is constantly connected and that is when they are ripe for manipulation such as micro-chipping and mind control. Does this make sense?  So please be aware of the risk we take by getting addicted to being online all the time.  I could add more about this but once, again, I have taken off on a tangent. Back to the subject…again.

The 5D Society – As I said earlier, the 5D society that I hope we want to create will be a balance of Unity and Separateness consciousness.  It won’t be perfect since that is not our goal and it won’t be Utopia.  I know this may come as a shock to those of you who desire this so I ask you to think about what a utopian society would mean.  A utopian society would not provide opportunities for further spiritual evolution. Why?  Because in a utopian society, everything is wonderful and peaceful and where there is peace there is no conflict/Dark.  What this means is we no longer have to confront or feel pain and as we know, it is through pain and conflict that we grow; not through peace. I’m sure some of you will recoil at the thought of this but I ask you to think about how and when your most powerful times of growth occurred in your life.

In the society that I envision, there will be no war.  This will come about not because we no longer have conflict due to our individuality but because we will feel comfortable using our power to speak our truth and thus resolve our differences.  We will no longer withhold information because we feel it is not safe or isn’t acceptable to be truthful.  We will express as easily as a child and thus be as real. And as we have learned, we cannot resolve a problem until it is known to us.

Furthermore, we will live with the consciousness that everyone is playing roles to help each other attain spiritual growth.  This means that those whom we look upon as negative will be valued for their willingness to experience the pain it took for them to play these dark roles in our lives.  So when people no longer fear speaking their minds and can see the higher perspective in the role their opposition is playing for them, confrontation and resolution will be as easy as child’s play.

The People – I am told that we will still have different cultures and colors of the human race but in addition, we will also have ET races living among us as we will have reached the point in our evolution where we accept and can handle the idea that they exist.  One by one they will begin to make themselves known to us physically.  This will also coincide with the release of government and military information regarding their existence.  As this information is being released through the Internet, more and more people will accept that ET races do exist and we are not alone in the universe. This will be one of those times when we will appreciate the tendency of people to believe whatever the government tells them to believe.  In fact, the ET connection will come about because of the large numbers of people, who will begin to accept their existence.  This group comprises the portion of our population who did not fully believe the ETs existed because the government told them that they didn’t. Now, once the government exposes their activities with the ETs the resulting mass acceptance will, in essence, create a quantum leap type effect in our mass consciousness, and that effect will bring about a huge shift. It will appear as though we have gone from not believing to believing overnight.  And with belief comes acceptance and comfort with the new idea.

The ETs will pick this up and know that it is the signal they have been waiting for and thus will begin the physical contact we have been told about. At least that is how I see it happening.

During this time the media will assist by giving us more movies and TV series about ET/Human interaction and the ET races themselves will step up their contact level with us.  You will see a proliferation of channels coming on to the scene via books and the Internet.  Each will be giving their race’s perspective of our current events and universal history.  This will be confusing if you are not doing research to verify these accounts and not moving into multidimensional thinking, but for those who are doing so it will be an awesome time when all the veils will be removed and we will see and know our universe and its/our history as never before.  We will be able to see how each of these ET races and their accounts of history fit together like a giant multidimensional puzzle.

So we will be living among, not only humans of different colors, but also hominoid, reptilian, insectillian, liquidian, and amphibian peoples along with a host of other races as well.  Remember that with the advent of our 5D sociality, we will be entering into the Galactic community.  It will look like the bar scene in the original Star Wars movie, remember that one? I wonder what changes we will need to make in order to standardize public dress codes to accommodate them since many of them will not be wearing shirts and shoes? *chuckle*

As a result of these ET races living among us, we will have to learn, between now and then, to resolve our issues about color or we will have some real problems in our new society right from the start, what do you think?

A Telepathic Society? – I have often thought that we would create a telepathic society. After all, many of us are experiencing different levels of telepathy as we continue our emotional clearing, bringing our psychic (endocrine) glands back on line. But now I’m not so sure that a fully telepathic society as we know telepathy would be in our best interest.  Let’s think about this.  Wouldn’t a fully telepathic society be the same as a society hooked to a collective? In other words, everyone would know what everyone was thinking and feeling and isn’t that what defines a collective?  Furthermore, in this type of society we would loose our privacy and part of individuality is having privacy, isn’t it?  So in essence we would be creating a society that is more polarized than we want, wouldn’t you say?

So what do we do with the telepathy that we are now re-acquiring?  I think that we can, at some point in the future just before it reaches critical mass, decide how much telepathy we want and how much privacy we want in order to maintain a balance between oneness and individuality.  Once decided, we can then funnel our telepathy into the Internet, our balanced Collective.  Isn’t one of the elements that define a collective the element in which all things are known?  It can be our group mind, providing access to all the thought we choose to add to it.  The key word here is choose.  So free will is still maintained even in the presence of a group mind/collective/Internet.

The 5D Economy – Okay, this one might burst a few bubbles.  As I understand it, we will still have a medium of exchange, i.e., money. I realize that there are a lot of people who hope that with the advent of the 5D reality, they will be freed from having to deal with money, but that will most likely not be the case.  Money provides a medium of exchange for goods and services.  In every society in which some degree of individuality is maintained there is a medium through which the people exchange goods and services.  It can be rocks, or paper, or anything but it establishes a standard upon which value is defined.  If we are to have any individuality and personal freedom, we will have to keep some form of currency otherwise we will have a collective in which everyone gets their needs met but can do nothing or produce nothing that is outside the status quo of the collective.  And we said that is not what we want, didn’t we?  But we will move to a new level of power in using money.  With many of our fears around using our power to create what we desire integrated through the emotional clearing/ascension process, we will find that we have more abundance since we no longer fear being rejected by those who still have fear about using their manifesting abilities.  Everyone will be manifesting more and thus, hunger and poverty will be a thing of the past.  There is more to this but I will save it for another time.

Language of Light – I have had the honor over the past year or so to be contacted by several people who have had experience with the Language of Light.  The Language of Light is a series of sounds, symbols and colors. These symbols resemble ancient Hebrew and Sanskrit.  This language is also known as the language of creation since it is used to create worlds. It is also encoded into our DNA. As we continue to evolve and attain higher states of consciousness, our memories of this language and how to use it will surface.  In fact, that has already begun to happen.  Many people are having spontaneous recall and others are dreaming about it.  This means that there are a few who either have contracts to bring the information through to all of us or create technology based on it and those contracts are being activated now. Sounds to me like we are now beginning to access that state of consciousness where this information is released in our DNA.  To me this is another clue that we are successfully ascending.

I have had dreams about this language along with spontaneous recall when one of these individuals with a contract contacts me.  It is such a weird experience.  I will answer the phone, hear their voice and it triggers a release of some sort so that the information just comes flooding into my mind. It’s like a dam breaking in my mind…hard to describe.  Some of the information regards our history on other worlds using this language and what occurred.  As a result, I don’t feel too anxious to explore it myself but I have given my word that I will write about what I do remember and share it with you in an upcoming article.

Through the Language of Light will we make huge advances in technology and medicine.  We will learn how to heal ourselves, create new forms of energy to heat our homes and cook our food.  We will learn how to transform garbage into useful forms of energy.  With this one tool, we will clean up our environment and return Earth to its natural pristine state.  We will do it ourselves, because of our more balanced, compassionate state of consciousness that released the memory of this language in our DNA. Therefore, no one else will have to do it for us.

Cities of Light – It is my understanding that the Cities of Light, portals on the Internet, will be one of the key components to learning how to use the Language of Light as we access more and more of it through our DNA.   Higher dimensional races have been using it to communicate with us all along but since access to it has been suppressed due to our level of consciousness, as we did not recognize it for what it was.  But all that is changing now.  As a result, we will need assistance with how to use it and that is where those ET races who are benevolent towards us will play a major role.  As I said earlier, there will be many new channels making their way into the public light and it is through some of these individuals that knowledge of this language and its use will be given to us.  The Cities of Light on the Internet will provide a safe place for them to share this information and get accustomed to expressing themselves and using their abilities.

What can we do to end manipulation by ET races and fulfill our destiny?

1.     We can wake up and see what’s going on around us.  Do our research so that we are no longer confused by the agendas and information being presented to us by the ever-growing number of ET races coming forward.

2.     Discern – listen to your intuition and research everything you read and hear.  You have to know why you know what you know or you leave yourself open to manipulation.

3.     Do our individual emotional clearing.

4.     Be adamant about not being pulled into any ET race’s drama or conflict with another race.  This will become more of a challenge as we open to greater levels of ET contact.

5.     Grow to understand and know the true nature of the Dark/Light polarities, releasing any preference for one or the other.

Earth, as a Grand Experiment has been a wonderful place for us to explore the various aspects of Unity and Separateness consciousness by creating them as part of our society and past civilizations.  We have had total free will to create whatever we desired.  As I have stated before, only in a Grand Experiment is this level of free will available.

During the hundreds of thousands of years that we have been incarnating on this planet, we have created all kinds of civilizations with varying degrees of unity and separateness.  Now we have reached the time when the experimenting must end.  We must now create the final product.  I liken it to the final exam before graduation.  We must take all that we have learned and create a new reality.  What we create and how we create it will determine where we go from here.  Will we create a balanced society, one that includes the best of Unity and Separateness consciousness or something polarized?  And keep in mind that what we create will determine our status in the galactic community, how many stargates we can access as well as how many levels of the Language of Light are made available to us.  So what will 5D be like?  It will be whatever we as creator gods/goddesses create it to be.  Our future is in our hands.  The choice is ours.  What will your choice be?

In service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

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Author Info:
Jelaila Starr, author of We are the Nibiruans, The Mission Remembered and the highly acclaimed Keys of Compassion series, is an internationally known channel, teacher, and counselor. Through her lectures, workshops, and articles, Jelaila’s message of compassion has touched the hearts of people around. Jelaila’s work inspires hope and understanding while providing solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges.

As a psychic/intuitive counselor, Jelaila works with individuals to assist them with emotional clearing, healing relationships, and DNA Recoding.  Jelaila’s unique approach enables her clients to clearly discover who they are, what they came to do, and how to achieve it.  Jelaila can be reached by e-mail at: Jelaila@NibiruanCouncil.com
Website: www.nibiruancouncil.com








4. Andromeda Council: Removing Reptilian undersea bases from Middle East & China PLUS CRITICAL INFORMATION YOU WANT TO KNOW FROM TOP SOURCES ON ANCNSION EARTH & Us 3D TO 5 D NOW, PLUS MUCH MORE








8. ASCENSION EARTH & Us 3D TO 5D.. (OPENING PORTALS III ) 10/16/2011 – 11/11/11 OPEN TILL DEC. 2012. FRIDAY OCT. 21, 2011 ..A MUST READ…





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